Mission of Grants Management

The Office of Grants Management does not seek, nor process funding opportunities that benefit individuals, organizations, or businesses in the community. Its activities are directed solely toward City operating departments.

The mission of the Office of Grants Management is to enhance opportunities for revenues from outside local traditional resources that will relieve the burden on general government. To that end, a diverse base of potential opportunities are continuously reviewed, including Federal and state governments and private and not-for-profit sources.

A variety of factors are considered when investigating potential funding opportunities, including but not limited to the city’s unmet needs, grant program matching requirements, and project management resources.

Role of Grants Management in Clarksville

Our role extends beyond the search for funds. It also includes:

  • Serving as an internal consultant for city departments, boards and commissions regarding potential outside funding resources
  • Preparing and submitting applications
  • Coordinating team-based grant applications
  • Serving as the Authorized Organizational Representative for online e-business applications and a Point of Contact for grantor agencies
  • Providing centralized grants record maintenance
  • Filing periodic financial and performance reports with grant contracting agencies
  • Processing requests to grantors for funding advances or reimbursement

Other functions of Grants Management include Title VI Coordination for City General departments and on occasion, providing a Project Director on selected funded projects that benefit general city government.