City-Offered Tornado Assistance

In the aftermath of the devastating tornado that struck our community on December 9, the City of Clarksville is committed to supporting residents in their long-term recovery. Recognizing the challenges faced by those affected, the city has launched a comprehensive assistance program encompassing various initiatives, including home repair, home demolition, rebuilding, rental assistance, and other support. To be eligible for assistance, applicants must live in the tornado -affected area and meet specified income criteria.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to prioritize applying for assistance from FEMA, the Small Business Administration (SBA), and the American Red Cross before seeking support from the City of Clarksville. These organizations play a crucial role in providing immediate relief and resources to affected individuals.

The City of Clarksville is collaborating with local non-profit organizations, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA), and volunteer organizations within Clarksville. By leveraging these partnerships, the city aims to maximize the resources available to residents and provide a holistic approach to long-term recovery. Request Tornado Assistance Button Opens in new window

Assistance with Private Insurance

There are cases where some tornado victims may be struggling with their private insurance carriers to secure claims and need assistance from the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance (TDCI)  either to file a complaint about insurance or have that complaint mediated and resolved.

The TDCI Consumer Insurance Services Division has a strong track record of assisting consumers through its complaint-filing process. Led by Vickie Trice, Director, this Division of TDCI was able to see that more than $17.45 million was returned to Tennessee consumers last year through various mediation and restitution efforts.

TDCI assistance can be received by phone by calling (615) 741-2218 or (800) 342-4029. Ms. Trice can be reached directly at (615) 739-7015. Furthermore, the TDCI complaint form can be found online. Just click on the form, fill it out and hit the submit button, and it will flow directly into the complaint database and be assigned to an Insurance Investigator upon receipt. That link can be found HERE.

Assistance with Storm and Tornado Debris.

As with most storms, the City of Clarksville Street Department provides tornado debris removal to the City of Clarksville residents affected by the December 9 tornado. This assistance is only available to Clarksville residents. Companies or organizations performing clean-up services for residents must haul their own debris. 

To request a pick-up, please visit Clarksville Street Department or use the "Seek Click Fix app

Building & Codes Waives Fees for Affected Properties

For customers who provide proof of substantial damages or harm to their real or personal property due to the tornado, the Building & Codes Department wishes to waive the fees related to building permits and safety inspection permits within 180 days from the date of the tornado. 

“Our hearts go out to those affected by the tornado on Dec. 9. We understand this will be a long and difficult recovery process, and we are committed to assist in returning a sense of normalcy to our neighbors affected by the storm as quickly as possible,” said Justin Crosby, Interim Director of Clarksville Building & Codes.

“Our administrative staff continues to provide quick assistance to our customers, with accelerated permitting and inspection scheduling, and our building inspectors expedite same-day inspections,” Crosby said.

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